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Scam, Fraud and 419 Nigerian Scam Videos

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Secrets of The Scammers (Fraud Documentary)
Mystery Shopper - Counterfeit Checks
Interview with a Nigerian scammer (ABC news)
Brian Ross on Black Currency (ABC News)
Sweetheart Scam - Australia
FBI Web Scam (MSNBC)
Pet Scam (FOX - Houston)
E-mail scam costs woman $400K in Nigerian Scam (CNN)
Nigerian Lottery Scam in Spain via stolen WIFI
Sweetheart Scam & counterfeit checks
Nigerian Scam - $400K Over 2 Years
Nigerian Scams Found To Have Israeli Origins
Nigerian Internet Scam Disclosure (Part 1)
Nigerian scams targeted
Nigerian Scam Artists defrauding medicare
Nigerian Internet Scam Part_2 (Australia)
Nigerian Rental Scam
Nigerian Extortion Scam

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