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7 in Chicago area charged with wire fraud after 'Operation Gold Phish' sting (12/20/18)
Nigerian Ringleader of International Investment Scam Charged with Fraud, Money Laundering and Identity Theft (12/18/18)
Don't be a money mule (12/17/18)
Don't be Fooled by Fake TV Licence Threats, Says Action Fraud (12/17/18)
NYSC member Chibuzor planning £12.5m scam arrested (12/17/18)
Email scammer gets 45 months in prison (12/13/18)
How CPA exposes $ 8.4m diesel oil scam - Witness (12/11/18)
Nigerian Scammers Move To UK And Use Commercial Data To Target Victims: Report (12/07/18)
80-year-old American woman in trouble after helping Nigerian lover to scam US Company (11/28/18)
California's deadly wildfires present opportunity for email scammers (11/28/18)
Senior Citizens Victimized in Telemarketing Scheme (11/26/18)
Nigeria: Malabu Oil Scam - UK Court Repatriates $73m to Govt (11/24/18)
Hyderabad: Nigerian who cheated job seekers arrested (11/18/18)
Senior citizens: Beware of scammers (11/15/18)
French Cinema Chain Fires Dutch Executives Over 'CEO Fraud' (11/13/18)
Two Nigerians charged over N13m fraud in Malaysia (Video) (11/10/18)
MoneyGram to Pay $18 Million to Settle FTC Charges That it Allowed its Money Transfer System To Be Used for Fraud (11/08/18)
Peace Corps Boss Accused Of Receiving N18.7m 'Share' From N54m 'Job Scam' (11/08/18)
Authorities seize $500K stolen from Simi Valley, Riverside County scam victims (10/26/18)
KC Man Charged in $900,000 Romance Fraud Scheme (10/22/18)
Noida's shady call centres pop up on radar of Interpol (10/19/18)
Thieves targeted $12 billion through IRS tax fraud (10/19/18)
Film Review: Nigerian Prince (10/18/18)
Nigerian National Sentenced to 45 Months for Fraud & Money Laundering (10/18/18)
Nigerian Prince And Lawyer Convicted And Jailed In The UK For 1.8m Pounds Fraud (10/17/18)
Buhari bans 50 high profile Nigerians from leaving the country (10/13/18)
Nigerian Lawmaker in fake school claims and certificate scandal (10/10/18)
CEO Fraud: Barriers to Entry Falling, Security Firm Warns (10/08/18)
Cyber Actors Increasingly Exploit The Remote Desktop Protocol to Conduct Malicious Activity (09/27/18)
Don’t fall for this clever Netflix phishing email scam (09/22/18)
Phishing scheme duped Rick Scott’s wife out of $350,000. But there’s a happy ending. (09/19/18)
BEC Run Out Of Detention Center Nets Millions (09/17/18)
Nigerian Sentenced to Five Years in US Prison for Email Fraud (09/15/18)
Email scam: Nigerian 'ran ring from Sydney detention centre' (09/14/18)
Nigerian National Sentenced to 32 Months in Prison for Phishing Scheme That Victimized School Employees (09/13/18)
Top 7 Craigslist Scams to Look Out For in 2018 (09/13/18)
Pastor, fake Soldier arrested over N118 Million fraud (09/12/18)
Nigerian Man Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison For Participating In Business Email Compromise Scams (09/11/18)
These South Florida scammers stole identities, then millions from the IRS (09/11/18)
Thailand - Alert over bogus e-wallet transactions (09/10/18)
Alleged Nigerian $15M cyber-fraud case lands in London (09/10/18)
15 Defendants and Five India-Based Call Centers Indicted in Phone Scam Targeting U.S. Victims (09/07/18)
Searches carried out in five counties in crackdown on multimillion euro fraud network (09/06/18)
Nigerian men scam foreigner of €15,000, victim travels down to arrest them (09/06/18)
Nigerian businessman arraigned for allegedly impersonating U.S. attorney-general (09/05/18)
Anatomy of a fake check scam (09/05/18)
Fake-Check Fraud An "Exploding Epidemic," BBB Report Warns (09/05/18)
Business Email Compromise Schemes: Most Seek Wire Transfers (09/03/18)
Yahoo Boys create a stereotype through their easy choices (8/28/18)
Three Nigerian nabbed for allegedly running romance scam in Thailand [Photos] (8/28/18)
Emmanuel Nwude Carried Out The Biggest Scam In Nigeria (8/25/18)
Fraudsters used ‘thousands’ of Hong Kong bank accounts to launder HK$4 billion in one year (8/24/18)
Fraudsters reportedly defraud US-based businessman of N33m (8/19/18)
A Nigerian Is Going To Jail For Defrauding US Varsities Of $6m (8/14/18)
Jury convicts cybercriminal for hacking universities (8/13/18)
Microsoft is Not Calling About a Virus (8/09/18)
Ingram man accused as accomplice in 'mystery shopper' scam (8/09/18)
FBI Alert: Extortionists Increasingly Using Recipients' Personal Information To Intimidate Victims (8/07/18)
Canadian Man Sentenced To 18 Years’ Imprisonment For Multi-Million Dollar Fraud Targeting U.S. Lawyers (8/6/18)
Eight men who pretended to be police in £200,000 con jailed for 30 years at Leeds Crown Court (8/5/18)
Georgia Pair Arrested for Role in Interstate Jury-Duty Scam (7/30/18)
E-mail Scam Lands Nigerian In US Jail (7/29/18)
Nigerian sentenced in Louisville-centered sweepstakes scam (7/27/18)
The Scams That Are Ripping Off Americans the Worst (7/23/18)
Austin resident gets 11 years for romance scams, one of which ended in suicide (7/18/18)
Business E-mail Compromise, The 12 Billion Dollar Scam (7/12/18)
International scam bilks Mayor Lenny Curry’s committee for $120,000 (7/09/18)
Mangaluru sees 21 'Nigerian' online frauds in a year (7/02/18)
Students warned as £22m lost in rental fraud (6/21/18)
Nigerian Leader of Nationwide Identity Theft and IRS Tax Fraud Scheme Sentenced to Federal Prison (6/21/18)
‘Nigerian prince’ scam victim gets thousands back after 10 years (6/19/18)
U.S arrests 30 Nigerians over email scams (6/13/18)
Feds Bust Dozens of Email Scammers, but Your Inbox Still Isn’t Safe (6/12/18)
74 Arrested in Coordinated International Enforcement Operation Targeting Hundreds of Individuals in Business Email Compromise Schemes (6/11/18)
Featured Article 9 internet scams we're still falling for in 2018 (6/06/18)
‘Pastor’ arrested for alleged N1.3mn fraud (6/1/18)
Budumburam: 50 Nigerians Arrested For Internet Fraud (6/1/18)
Elgin OPP warn of sextortion scam (5/28/18)
Email fraud still a significant threat to businesses(5/22/18)
Five things: Scammers are more devious than ever (5/18/18)
'Flash cars and cash': London cyber crime pair jailed for £1m phishing scam (5/17/18)
The Celebrity Status Of Yahoo Boys In Nigeria (5/14/18)
Three digital scams to watch out for (5/5/18)
Forget lovers and soldiers. How '419 scammers' evolved (05/04/18)
Aussies have been conned out of $3.55 million by online dating fraudsters this year alone (05/04/18)
Why Nigerian internet fraudsters target Chinese, Hong Kong bank accounts - Report (05/04/18)
Nigerian Email Scammers Are More Effective Than Ever (5/3/18)
2 Nigerians In Texas Get Prison For Identity Fraud, Tax Scam (4/27/18)
The Nigerian Prince Scam Gets the $1 Million Movie Treatment (4/25/18)
Nigerian man arrested as police hunt ‘romance scam’ gang (4/22/18)
Anatomy of an internet scam: How an Edmonton man’s stolen ID was used in a $10,000 international scam (3/25/18)
Nigerians admit to scamming Vt. state workers (3/23/18)
Blockchain Technology and the $2.5 Billion Dating Industry (3/14/18)
The 10 most common cybersecurity scams uncovered (3/08/18)
Thai Woman Conned Out of $30,000 By Nigerian Scammers (2/9/18)
FBI warns of email scams claiming to be from Bureau (2/6/18)
FBI warns of phony online car sales as tax refunds roll in (2/6/18)
Over 1500 money mules identified in worldwide money laundering sting (2/4/18)
FBI warns hackers are impersonating online fraud complaint portal in new scam (2/3/18)
Fraud Watch: Online dating scams (2/1/18)
Top 10 Scams that Target Seniors (2/1/18)
FBI extradites Nigerian from South Africa for cybercrimes (1/29/18)
Chicago man charged in 'mystery shopper' fraud case (1/26/18)
Fraudulent call centres: Mumbai Crime Branch files chargesheet against 21 (1/22/18)
Eight charged in lottery scam crackdown (1/22/18)
How Nigerians Beat Bitcoin Scams (1/21/18)
Nigerian businessman jailed after conning Lincolnshire taxpayers (1/17/18)
Best defense against scammers: Education (1/12/18)
UAE regulator issues US$15.5m remittance scam warning (1/11/18)
Nigerian, local held for 1 crore online fraud (1/6/18)
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