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Job Scam Alert: Nigeria Custom Recruitment Fraud Uncovered (12/30/16)
Sisters Allegedly Try Internet Scam on Nigerian Billionaire (12/27/16)
Public warned of jury duty call scam (12/20/16)
Facebook romance scam ends in federal prison for two men (12/16/16)
Fake soldier who scammed women told to repay £200,000 from dating scam (12/12/16)
Nigerian Senators, Reps have pocketed N500 billion since 2006 (12/01/16)
The evolution of phishing scams, from Nigerian prince to expert impersonation (11/29/16)
Nigerian arrested by Attorney General Jeff Landry for elder fraud (11/28/16)
Nigerian love scam busted (11/25/16)
Nigerian fraud, 2 aides held in Hyderabad (11/22/16)
Nearly 200 'money mules' held in Europe-wide laundering sting (11/22/16)
4 Nigerians among 8 held for 'bogus boss' email scam (11/10/16)
Nigerian undergraduate arrested for internet fraud (11/10/16)
Davido: Singer In Romance With Notorious Cult Group, Black Axe (Video) (11/08/16)
Identity Thieves Arrested for Stealing Money from Bank Accounts and Filing False Tax Returns (11/02/16)
At least $1 million funneled to Nigeria from small Alabama town in big-money scam (10/28/16)
Call centre racket: Root of IRS scam traced to Gujarat, say police (10/9/16)
Jury duty phone scam now more 'sophisticated' (9/27/16)
'Dr. Love' leaves little to be desired: Toronto Police (9/16/16)
FBI Worries Scam Could Funnel Money to Terrorists (9/14/16)
Nigerian man, 6 others sentenced to prison for online fraud schemes (9/8/16)
U.S. Attorney's Office and U.S. Marshals Service Warn of Jury Duty Phone Scam (8/25/16)
Prosecutors seek long prison term for Nigerian who stole money from Missouri and Illinois women on promise of love (8/12/16)
West African Scams Highlight the Region's Advances in Cyber-crime (8/8/16)
Arrests a major step against email scams (8/3/16)
Online romance scams abound (7/16/16)
Email scam targets lawyers with fake disciplinary warnings, bar announcements (6/23/16)
'Scams will never stop,' Collins, law enforcement officials warn seniors (6/5/16)
Dutch investigators raid companies linked to global fraud (6/2/16)
Mattel fought elusive cyber-thieves to get $3M out of China (Corporate Email Compromise) (3/29/16)
Doctor sentenced to prison for Medicare fraud (3/25/16)
Lottery Fraud - Don't Fall Victim to Lottery Scams (3/08/16)
Nigerian Scammer Convicted Of On-Line Romance Fraud (3/03/16)
FBI Warns of Online Dating Scams (2/11/16)
Local law enforcement agencies expect plenty of tax-fraud calls (1/31/16)
419 in Texas: Nigerian crook faces 30 years behind bars for 'extremely sophisticated' email fraud (1/5/16)
Facebook fraud gangs turn gullible middle-class teenagers into criminal 'money mules' by persuading them to launder cash through their own accounts (1/2/16)
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