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Nigerian national arrested in Pakistan over online fraud in UK (1/21/19) NEW
Internet Love Scam: Nigerian bags 12 months for duping foreigner (1/20/19) NEW
EFCC arrests 6 suspected internet fraudsters (1/19/19) NEW
Scam: Travel Agent Collected N18m for Canada Visa (1/16/19) NEW
EFCC Arraigns More Internet Fraudsters in Enugu (1/16/19) NEW
EFCC arrests Ugly Rex, 2 others over fraud (1/15/19) NEW
How 'Nigerian hackers' were able to swindle woman, 67, out of $150,000 from the sale of her home (1/15/19) NEW
Dramatic moment Nigerian romance scamming lothario is arrested after telling Aussie woman he was a US soldier and conning her out of $300,000 (1/10/19)
Scammers Are Tricking People Into Buying Puppies That Don't Exist (1/9/19)
Missing Irishman located in South Africa after online dating scam, mugging (1/8/19)
UK: HM Revenue and Customs Alert - Impersonation of HMRC (1/7/19)
Lincoln woman loses $32K in Nigerian lover scam, police say (1/3/19)
Army Declares Man Wanted over Fraudulent Fundraising to Feed Troops (1/3/19)



7 in Chicago area charged with wire fraud after 'Operation Gold Phish' sting (12/20/18)
Nigerian Ringleader of International Investment Scam Charged with Fraud, Money Laundering and Identity Theft (12/18/18)
Don't be a money mule (12/17/18)
Don't be Fooled by Fake TV Licence Threats, Says Action Fraud (12/17/18)
NYSC member Chibuzor planning £12.5m scam arrested (12/17/18)
Email scammer gets 45 months in prison (12/13/18)
How CPA exposes $ 8.4m diesel oil scam - Witness (12/11/18)
Nigerian Scammers Move To UK And Use Commercial Data To Target Victims: Report (12/07/18)
80-year-old American woman in trouble after helping Nigerian lover to scam US Company (11/28/18) NEW
Senior Citizens Victimized in Telemarketing Scheme (11/26/18) NEW
FBI warns of phony online car sales as tax refunds roll in (2/6/18)
Over 1500 money mules identified in worldwide money laundering sting (2/4/18)
FBI warns hackers are impersonating online fraud complaint portal in new scam (2/3/18)
Fraud Watch: Online dating scams (2/1/18)
Top 10 Scams that Target Seniors (2/1/18)
FBI extradites Nigerian from South Africa for cybercrimes (1/29/18)
Chicago man charged in 'mystery shopper' fraud case (1/26/18)
Fraudulent call centres: Mumbai Crime Branch files chargesheet against 21 (1/22/18)
Eight charged in lottery scam crackdown (1/22/18)
How Nigerians Beat Bitcoin Scams (1/21/18)
Nigerian businessman jailed after conning Lincolnshire taxpayers (1/17/18)
Best defense against scammers: Education (1/12/18)
UAE regulator issues US$15.5m remittance scam warning (1/11/18)
Nigerian, local held for 1 crore online fraud (1/6/18)



Police arrest alleged 'Nigerian prince' email scammer in Louisiana(12/30/17)
Travel scams you need to be aware of (12/19/17)
Nigerian man sentenced to 3.5 years in prison over massive $25m global email scam (12/16/17)
Nigerian jailed in Vietnam for import scam (12/16/17)
Travel scams you need to be aware of (12/16/17)
‘Tis the season to be scammed (12/11/17)
Nigeria’s Star Boy, five others arrested in Bangkok for romance scam (12/08/17)
Love scam: Nigerian swindles female Briton of £150,000 (12/01/17)
Cypress couple accused of stealing $38,000 from Tampa Bay Rays (11/20/17)
Keelung police arrest six over alleged participation in 'Nigerian scam' ring (11/17/17)
How Nigerian Scammers Stole $11 Million From the IRS (11/15/17)
Nigerian love scammers caught (11/03/17)
Consumer Advocate: The Nigerian scam reappears (11/03/17)
He didn't mention his Nigerian scam conviction (11/02/17)
Are you being scammed? (10/30/17)
Jury convicts Lewiston woman in fraud case (10/28/17)
Nigerian student jailed for 4 years in US for $3.7m fraud (10/21/17)
'Hit Man' Scam Threatens Victim's Family Members With Murder (10/20/17)
Nigerian con artists no longer hide behind princes in an attempt to steal your cash (10/18/17)
Nigerian woman sentenced in marriage fraud scam that led to 11 convictions (10/17/17)
Nigerian gets 3 years in US prison for $1.3M online fraud (10/13/17)
Four Dropouts Arrested Over Million Dollar Scam, Properties Seized (10/07/17)
New Job Scams: How The Unemployed Lose Millions Daily (10/07/17)
Nigerian arrested for kidney fraud in India (10/06/17)
Phone and Web Scams Blitz the Palisades (09/21/17)
Alleged $1.6bn Oil Scam: Court strikes out charge against Diezani (09/20/17)
Nigerian Man Scams Several Women Using Photo of a US Attorney General (09/18/17)
Beware IRS, FBI ransomware scam (09/14/17)
How To Protect Yourself From 419 Fraud: Online Scam Targeting Small Businesses (09/13/17)
Nigerian student's scam tricks U.S. companies into sending him millions (09/11/17)
Nigerian Man Scams US Companies out of $3,700,000 (09/11/17)
Chinese scammers take a leaf from their Nigerian brethren (09/06/17)
Queensland man scammed of $400,000 for worthless scrap paper (09/03/17)
S'porean made $60k helping Nigerian boyfriend in scams (08/31/17)
Harvey scams abound as crooks prey on disaster victims and altruistic Americans (08/31/17)
'Sneaky' secret shopper scams are claiming more victims (08/29/17)
IRS Issues Urgent Warning About Ransomware Email Scam (08/29/17)
How To Avoid Scams & Fake Charities In Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey (08/28/17)
Fraudulent sales girl in 'N285,000 scam' (08/28/17)
Woman spends £20,000 trying to get her Nigerian lover into the UK (08/25/17)
Alleged $565,000 scam: American seeks bail variation (08/25/17)
That Make-A-Wish Foundation Sweepstakes is a Fraud (08/24/17)
FBI warns of spreading W-2 email theft scheme (08/21/17)
Texas woman in ID thefts gets 10 years in Nigeria cars scam (08/20/17)
Indian police hunt for Nigerian in N8.06m internet love scam (08/19/17)
Three scams that target seniors (08/18/17)
DATING APPREHENSION - Taking safety measures can help keep predators at bay (08/15/17)
Fraud alert! Don't fall for these financial scams (08/13/17)
FBI warns red light camera scam targeting teens (08/11/17)
Rich Nigerian princes? Scams are way past that. (Editorial) (08/11/17)
Adelaide scam victim-turned-perpetrator David Lee Andrew jailed for role in African schemes (08/09/17)
5 Nigerians among 7 held for 'fraud' (08/09/17)
International alleged fraud investigation stretches from Fargo to Nigeria (08/08/17)
Scammers are getting way too clever (08/07/17)
Nigerian Man Charged in US Phishing Scam (08/04/17)
Sheriff's office issues warning on numerous scams (08/02/17)
'Honey, you've been scammed,' she was told. She lost her home of 30 years. (07/29/17)
John Fashanu held in Nigerian hell-hole jail pen with 200 other prisoners after being accused of land scam (07/28/17)
Emmanuel Nwude: Story Of Nigeria's Biggest Fraudster In World's History (07/28/17)
77-year-old woman loses RM1 million in love scam (07/28/17)
African scam: Police nab 2 Nigerians (07/28/17)
Bengaluru Couple Falls For Nigerian Lottery Scam, Spends Rs 1.3 Crore To Get Rs 5 Crore Prize (07/22/17)
Two Nigerians, Indian held for running lottery scam (07/21/17)
How A Billion-Dollar Internet Scam Is Breaking Hearts And Bank Accounts (07/20/17)
Man jailed five years for job scam, impersonation (07/19/17)
Kenya tops world's spam scam targets (07/17/17)
Four alleged Nigerian scammers nabbed (07/16/17)
Nigeria Customs vehicles e-auction records first internet scam victim (07/15/17)
Nigerian remanded in judicial custody in online fraud case (07/14/17)
Facebook scams: When your 'friends' are actually hackers (07/10/17)
Ex-EFCC detective tells court how 'pastor' allegedly scammed Titi Atiku (07/08/17)
Illegal immigrant is jailed for leading gang of Nigerian fraudsters (07/07/17)
House invites ex-President Jonathan over $1bn Malabu oil scam (07/05/17)
Be Careful, These Are 6 WhatsApp Scams You Must Avoid (07/05/17)
Four Nigerians face trial for £10m 'fraud' in UK (06/27/17)
American is arrested after scamming three Nigerian men out of $565,000 with the promise of a US green card (06/26/17)
Phone scams cost billions. Why isn't technology being used to stop them? (06/25/17)
China-based Nigerian took part in global scam, sent emails impersonating business executives (06/21/17)
Nigerian Man Pleads Guilty to Million Dollar Email Scam Business (06/21/17)
Nigerian Man Pleads Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court To Participating In Business Email Compromise Scams (06/20/17)
Des Moines woman sentenced to federal prison for Nigerian scam role (06/20/17)
Online Romance Scams Are Fleecing More Americans (06/20/17)
2 Nigerian women convicted in the UK for defrauding 7 men (06/14/17)
Defendants Charged with Posing as Federal Agents and Defrauding Immigrants Out of $6 Million (06/07/17)
He's no prince: Nigerian man convicted of fraud going to prison, faces deportation (06/07/17)
Dammy Krane - Singer's arrest isn't new, cybercrime fraud is a constant part of the Nigerian music industry (06/06/17)
CAB chase Nigerian who netted €1.7m in email scam while claiming €50k dole (06/02/17)
DOJ issues warning about scam artists pretending to be U.S. Marshals (05/31/17)
Nigerian Romance Scammers Handed Down 235 Year Sentence (05/26/17)
Three Nigerians Sentenced in International Cyber Financial Fraud Scheme (05/25/17)
Con Man - FBI Impersonator Preyed on Women (05/16/17)
Unclaimed Property Scams Are on the Rise, State Officials Warn (05/12/17)
2 charged, 1 suspect sought in $10M GTA identity theft investigation (05/09/17)
NNPC Warns Nigerians Against Recruitment Scams (05/06/17)
Business E-mail Compromise, E-mail Account Compromise - The 5 Billion Dollar Scam (05/04/17)
The story of Emmanuel Nwude who carried out the biggest scam in Nigeria (04/22/17)
EFCC warns Nigerians ahead of Capital market scam (04/21/17)
FBI declares Nigerian wanted for alleged $5 million email scam (04/16/17)
Online Dating Fraud Lands Nigerian Couple, Others Hundreds of Months in U.S. Jail (04/14/17)
EFCC uncovers another massive stash of monies in Lagos apartment (04/12/17)
Cops bust four Nigerian men and local woman over love scam syndicate (04/05/17)
Lottery scams prey on the vulnerable and help fuel violence in Jamaica (04/02/17)
Canadian Man Convicted Of Multi-Million Dollar Fraud Targeting U.S. Lawyers (03/30/17)
Operation JOLT targets fake lottery scams and sweepstakes (03/20/17)
As ICE Cracks Down, Scams Ramp Up (03/16/17)
Toronto woman loses $450K in online romance scam (03/15/17)
Fraud Alert: HHS OIG Hotline Telephone Number Used in Scam (03/13/17)
Nigerian princes' snatch billions from Western biz via fake email - Interpol (03/10/17)
That 'Nigerian prince' who emails you is getting way more sophisticated at scams (03/09/17)
Missouri mom and daughter on business trip overseas get caught up in elaborate Nigerian scam (03/02/17)
Inside The World Of Yahoo Yahoo Boys (02/25/17)
Nigerian Fraudster Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine (02/21/17)
FBI warns of government impersonation scam (02/21/17)
Scam Alert: Anatomy Of An Inheritance Fraud Letter (02/19/17)
N8b currency scam: Syndicate behind fraud in CBN (02/15/17)
Turning Tables on Nigerian Business Email Scammers (02/15/17)
Romance Scams - Online Imposters Break Hearts and Bank Accounts (02/13/17)
Malaysia-Singapore Internet love scam syndicates crippled, 27 arrested (02/13/17)
The internet scammer who loved me (not) (02/11/17)
Romance Scams: Nigerian Sunmola jailed in US (02/04/17)
Noida online trading scam (02/03/17)
Prevalence of internet fraud among Nigerian youths (01/28/17)
Investigation: Inside the thriving business of job scam in Nigeria (photos, video) (01/27/17)
HC warns people against falling prey to 'Nigerian 419 scams' (01/11/17)
How to avoid real estate cyber scams (01/07/17)
Nigerians Declare War on Cryptocurrency Scam (01/04/17)
Indian Call Centers Become Major Centers for Defrauding Americans (01/03/17)



Job Scam Alert: Nigeria Custom Recruitment Fraud Uncovered (12/30/16)
Sisters Allegedly Try Internet Scam on Nigerian Billionaire (12/27/16)
Public warned of jury duty call scam (12/20/16)
Facebook romance scam ends in federal prison for two men (12/16/16)
Fake soldier who scammed women told to repay £200,000 from dating scam (12/12/16)
Nigerian Senators, Reps have pocketed N500 billion since 2006 (12/01/16)
The evolution of phishing scams, from Nigerian prince to expert impersonation (11/29/16)
Nigerian arrested by Attorney General Jeff Landry for elder fraud (11/28/16)
Nigerian love scam busted (11/25/16)
Nigerian fraud, 2 aides held in Hyderabad (11/22/16)
Nearly 200 'money mules' held in Europe-wide laundering sting (11/22/16)
4 Nigerians among 8 held for 'bogus boss' email scam (11/10/16)
Nigerian undergraduate arrested for internet fraud (11/10/16)
Davido: Singer In Romance With Notorious Cult Group, Black Axe (Video) (11/08/16)
Identity Thieves Arrested for Stealing Money from Bank Accounts and Filing False Tax Returns (11/02/16)
At least $1 million funneled to Nigeria from small Alabama town in big-money scam (10/28/16)
Call centre racket: Root of IRS scam traced to Gujarat, say police (10/9/16)
Jury duty phone scam now more 'sophisticated' (9/27/16)
'Dr. Love' leaves little to be desired: Toronto Police (9/16/16)
FBI Worries Scam Could Funnel Money to Terrorists (9/14/16)
Nigerian man, 6 others sentenced to prison for online fraud schemes (9/8/16)
U.S. Attorney's Office and U.S. Marshals Service Warn of Jury Duty Phone Scam (8/25/16)
Prosecutors seek long prison term for Nigerian who stole money from Missouri and Illinois women on promise of love (8/12/16)
West African Scams Highlight the Region's Advances in Cyber-crime (8/8/16)
Arrests a major step against email scams (8/3/16)
Online romance scams abound (7/16/16)
Email scam targets lawyers with fake disciplinary warnings, bar announcements (6/23/16)
'Scams will never stop,' Collins, law enforcement officials warn seniors (6/5/16)
Dutch investigators raid companies linked to global fraud (6/2/16)
Mattel fought elusive cyber-thieves to get $3M out of China (Corporate Email Compromise) (3/29/16)
Doctor sentenced to prison for Medicare fraud (3/25/16)
Lottery Fraud - Don't Fall Victim to Lottery Scams (3/08/16)
Nigerian Scammer Convicted Of On-Line Romance Fraud (3/03/16)
FBI Warns of Online Dating Scams (2/11/16)
Local law enforcement agencies expect plenty of tax-fraud calls (1/31/16)
419 in Texas: Nigerian crook faces 30 years behind bars for 'extremely sophisticated' email fraud (1/5/16)
Facebook fraud gangs turn gullible middle-class teenagers into criminal 'money mules' by persuading them to launder cash through their own accounts (1/2/16)



The Notorious Black Axe Has Put Down Roots in Canada (12/17/15)
Silence around Black Axe criminal group leaves police with tangled web (11/13/15)
Shadowy Black Axe group leaves trail of tattered lives (11/13/15)
Toronto widow out $600K in romance scam, police charge (10/22/15)
Nigerian Man Sentenced to More than 12 Years in Prison for Operating Sophisticated $13 Million Internet Fraud Scheme (9/14/15)
419: The world of the Nigerian fraudster (1/24/15)



Internet scams: Why Australians are being ripped off in record numbers (12/29/14)
FinCEN Levies Unprecedented $1 Million Fine Against Former MoneyGram Exec (12/18/14)
Chris Olukolade Issues Alert On Activities of Internet scammers (11/30/14)
Nigerian Convicted in Relation to 'Butch' Ballow Fraud Scheme (11/05/14)
FBI - Senior Citizens Targeted in Sweepstakes Fraud (9/18/14)
Suspected Fraudster Arrested for €200,000 Love Scam (9/04/14)
Virtual Kidnapping - International Fraud Scheme Now Targeting Houstonians (8/29/14)
Nigeria: US Government Seizes Assets of Late Dictator (8/10/14)
Nigerian Fugitive Arrested for Health Care Fraud (6/4/14)
Police Arrest 20 in Jamaica Lottery Scam Probe (04/26/14)
FinCEN Could Fine Former MoneyGram Compliance Officer $5 Million for AML Compliance Lapses (4/18/14)
SA's 'very scary' online fraud numbers (04/10/14)
7 Internet Scams That You Still Fall For (04/10/14)
Inquest: Tragedy of wife tricked by lotto prize scammers (02/06/14)
N1.3b Fraud: Ajudua Sent To Kirikiri -PM (02/04/14)
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