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Sheriff's Office: WM woman laundered money for Tinder connection, 'Nigerian scam' (6/05/19)
EFCC Busts ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ Training School in Lagos (5/29/19)
4 months, 3,000 cases & Rs 32 crore: Cyber crooks make merry in IT hub (5/29/19)
Federal Indictment Adds 10th Defendant and Expands Charges Against 9 Others in International “Romance Scam” Investigation (5/29/19)
Romance Scam: Man Jailed For Defrauding American $5,260 (5/27/19)
Nigerian man, four others found guilty of money laundering (5/24/19)
How EFCC arrested 22 internet fraudsters in Sapele (5/19/19)
Undergraduate Bags Jail Term For Romance Scam (5/16/19)
How Nigeria students “Yahoo boys” scam small fortunes (5/16/19)
American television comedy series mocks Nigerian fraudsters (5/14/19)
Trial on Nigerian hacker fraud case begins in Augusta (5/13/19)
6 Nigerian internet fraudsters jailed in UK (5/12/19)
4 Texas Nigerian nationals arrested, 1 fugitive sought in money laundering scheme (5/9/19)
3rd email scammer guilty for targeting CT, U.S. companies (5/8/19)
Man in Dubai loses more than $100,000 in online lottery scam (5/8/19)
EFCC Nabs Calabar Yahoo-Yahoo Kingpin, Akpojivi Joel Onoriode (5/6/19)
San Fernando Valley Man Convicted in Scheme that Used Stolen Identities to Obtain over $3 Million in Loans, Cars and Cash (5/6/19)
Ghana lost US$105 million in 2018 through cybercrime (5/3/19)
Fraudster Sentenced To 11 Years In Federal Prison For Stealing The Identities Of Hundreds Of Victims To Fraudulently Obtain More Than $2.2 Million In Tax Refunds (5/3/19)
1 Nigerian killed, 7 other alleged scammers fall in NBI ops
Social Security imposter scam on the rise (5/1/19)
Yahoo Boys, “Not Too Young To Scam” Trend & The Glorification Of Fraud In Nigeria (4/30/19)
Miami Man Admits to Laundering More than $1.5 Million in Proceeds from Business Email Compromise Schemes and to Selling Reptiles Without a License (4/30/19)
Two Nigerians in Trouble Over Bitcoin Scam in the US (4/27/19)
Nine Nigerians Arrested In US For $3.5m Fraud (4/27/19)
Nine Defendants Arrested In New York, Florida, And Texas For Multimillion-Dollar Wire Fraud Scheme (4/25/19)
Fraudsters target Yorkshire's most vulnerable to steal a staggering £30m in just six months (4/23/19)
Featured Article IC3 Annual Report Released (4/22/19)
'Hello amazingness': Leaked romance scammers' scripts (4/21/19)
Scam emails are more convincing than ever. Here's how to spot this classic con (4/20/19)
Brampton man accused of defrauding woman in romance scam (4/18/19)
City of Chicago Almost Lost More Than $1 Million In Phishing Scam (4/18/19)
Three men sentenced for role in £60,000 Eastbourne-based email fraud (4/18/19)
‘Nigerian prince’ email scams still rake in over $700,000 a year—here’s how to protect yourself (4/18/19)
'Money mule' fraud sees 29 people charged (4/18/19)
Two Sentenced for Victimizing Many Across the Nation (4/16/19)
California Telemarketer Sentenced to Prison for Nationwide Rental Listing Scam (4/12/19)
Increasing number of overseas scammers get victims to wire money to foreign accounts (4/03/19)
Nigerian, Malaysian nabbed over $237,000 Internet love scams (4/07/19)
Beware of Scams as Tax Deadlines Approach (4/04/19)
Nigerian Scammer Has A Bit Of Explaining To Do – Despite His Shirt (3/31/19)
Ironically, Phishing Kit Hosted on Nigerian Government Site (3/30/19)
2 execs arrested for fraud; links to Nigerian crime group suspected (3/28/19)
What You Need to Know About the Social Security Scam (3/27/19)
Married mum is blackmailed by Instagram scammer after sending naked selfies (3/24/19)
Scammers, not hackers, changing up tactics (3/22/19)
Nigerian man jailed for $1,900 love scam (3/21/19)
McKees Rocks man gets probation in Nigerian marriage scam (3/20/19)
Nigerian scammer faces NT jail stint (3/19/19)
EFCC arraigns impersonator of custom’s boss in employment scam (3/14/19)
Two Nigerian Nationals Nabbed In Thailand For Investment Fraud, Overstaying Visa (3/13/19)
Nigeria: Fake American soldier, Scott awaits sentence (3/13/19)
DEA warns of alarming increase of scam calls (3/13/19)
Scam format: top 10 latest scams to avoid (3/12/19)
Nigerian national serves 10 months for phishing scheme that targeted Groton schools, Sacred Heart University (3/6/19)
Local business warns against scams (3/6/19)
Scams from A to Z: Everything you need to know about types of schemes (3/4/19)
Fraud Watch: And the award for worst scam goes to ... (2/27/19)
Email Scammers Ditch Wire Transfers for iTunes Gift Cards (2/27/19)
'Laundering' rap Nigerian man appears in court over in connection with €326,000 online invoice scam at Maynooth University (2/26/19)
BBB warns romantic scams are a growing problem (2/24/19)
Man Indicted After Phishing Email Duped Crowley ISD Out of $2 Million (2/22/19)
2 serial fraudsters arraigned in Nigeria (2/20/19)
Shared inheritances and cheque fraud (2/20/19)
Five Fraudsters Convicted In Gombe State (2/19/19)
More than 20,000 Australians have been scammed ALREADY this year - with almost $5million lost (2/18/19)
Growing Concerns Over Online Scammers In Nigeria (2/18/19)
The 'wash-wash trick' and 'romance scamming' (2/18/19)
Jamaican phone scammer picked the wrong 90-year-old: A former FBI director (2/14/19)
Valentine's Day: scammers using affection on dating websites to get money from victims (2/14/19)
Court convicts three for internet fraud in Benin (2/12/19)
Fifth Bronx Man Pleads Guilty In Multimillion-Dollar Ghana-Based Fraud Scheme Involving Business Email Compromises And Romance Scams Targeting Elderly (2/12/19)
Police arrest 17, seize almost $33M in Montreal-Toronto money-laundering bust (2/12/19)
Virginia Beach woman indicted for cross-country scheme targeting the elderly (2/12/19)
Fauxmance fraud scales heights of investment fraud (2/11/19)
Featured Article Meet the scammers: Could this be your online lover? (2/11/19)
EFCC Arrests Eight Yahoo Boys In Ibadan (2/10/19)
Nigerian business e-mail scammer sentenced for fraud (2/09/19)
Second Nigerian sentenced for phishing scam (2/08/19)
Federal Judge in Del Rio Sentences Three Men to Prison for Multi-Million Dollar Investment Scheme (2/08/19)
Tech Support Scam: Fake call centre in Mumbai cheating US nationals busted (2/06/19)
How to Help Stop Good ‘ol Grandma from Falling for Scams (2/03/19)
EFCC Arrests Six Suspected Internet Fraudsters in Port Harcourt (2/03/19)
Local Business Scammed $126000; WCSO Recovers $122000 from the CEO Scam (1/29/19)
Brotherly fraud - For the Sodje brothers ,charity began at home as scam (1/25/19)
Malaysian-Thai police bust Nigerian online love scam that has conned people of nearly S$4.3m (1/25/19)
What is phishing? Here’s everything you need to know (1/24/19)
Beware of phishing emails (1/23/19)
Nigerian national arrested in Pakistan over online fraud in UK (1/21/19)
Internet Love Scam: Nigerian bags 12 months for duping foreigner (1/20/19)
EFCC arrests 6 suspected internet fraudsters (1/19/19)
Scam: Travel Agent Collected N18m for Canada Visa (1/16/19)
EFCC Arraigns More Internet Fraudsters in Enugu (1/16/19)
EFCC arrests Ugly Rex, 2 others over fraud (1/15/19)
How 'Nigerian hackers' were able to swindle woman, 67, out of $150,000 from the sale of her home (1/15/19)
Dramatic moment Nigerian romance scamming lothario is arrested after telling Aussie woman he was a US soldier and conning her out of $300,000 (1/10/19)
Scammers Are Tricking People Into Buying Puppies That Don't Exist (1/9/19)
Missing Irishman located in South Africa after online dating scam, mugging (1/8/19)
UK: HM Revenue and Customs Alert - Impersonation of HMRC (1/7/19)
Lincoln woman loses $32K in Nigerian lover scam, police say (1/3/19)
Army Declares Man Wanted over Fraudulent Fundraising to Feed Troops (1/3/19)
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