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Brampton man accused of defrauding woman in romance scam

By Chris Doucette - Toronto Sun - 19-04-18d
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Online Romance Scam
Online Romance Scam

A Brampton man has been arrested for fraud and a second suspect is sought in connection with an alleged romance scam.

York Regional Police say their Financial Crimes Unit launched an investigation into the suspected online scheme in September 2018 after a woman came forward claiming she had been victimized by fraudsters.

“The victim reported that she had (been) communicating with the suspect on an online dating site for about a month before he began asking to borrow money,” Const. Laura Nicolle said Thursday.

She said investigators “tracked where the victim sent her money” and a suspect was identified.

Prince Amoah, 30, was arrested and charged with fraud over $5,000. The accused is expected to appear in Newmarket court May 16.

“Investigators believe that there is an additional suspect involved who had been receiving funds from the accused,” Nicolle said.

Investigators are also concerned about the possibility of other victims and are urging anyone who believes they were victimized to come forward.

Police are warning citizens to beware of such romance scams, which typically involve a fraudster creating a false dating profile and going to “great lengths to make this false identity believable.”

“The (scammers) use a number of tactics and schemes to build trust and establish a relationship with the victim,” police explained. “These relationships often progress very quickly to an emotional point where the victim is so invested in the relationship that they feel compelled to help when the (fraudster) begins to ask for money.

“If a situation feels suspicious, trust your instincts. Do not be talked into providing personal information or payments by methods with which you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable,” police advised.


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