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Nigerian Scammer Has A Bit Of Explaining To Do – Despite His Shirt

TNA - Buriram Times - 19-03-31
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Nigerian scammer has a bit of explaining to do – despite his shirt
Nigerian scammer has a bit of explaining to do – despite his shirt

Nigerian scammer has a bit of explaining to do – despite his shirt

An alleged Nigerian Romance Scammer appeared at tech police HQ with a message on his back.


But Chinagoram Chetrak Anyanu (name transliterated from Thai) has plenty of explaining to do.

Cops who went to his room in Samut Prakarn found a computer notebook with incriminating evidence that he was scamming people on Facebook.

He might also like to explain his marriage to a Romance Scamming Thai already in custody.

He was also on overstay.

The case follows the arrest of two Thais for swindling a Saraburi woman out of 250,000 baht. Tech and immigration police arrested Phichet Chaiyaphum and Phisana Kitket.

Phisana is the wife of the Nigerian and Phichet is the owner of a bank account used in the fraud.

Phisana posed as a customs official and used the ATM connected to the account to withdraw the money sent by the victim who was told that presents could only be released if fees were paid.

The Nigerian was allegedly posing as another person in the scam that followed the same pattern as dozens of other cases in recent years.

But the message on the back of the shirt was different this time – though Thai press reports failed to pick up on it.


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