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Lincoln woman loses $32K in Nigerian lover scam, police say

Lincoln Journal Star - 19-01-03
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Investigators believe a 69-year-old woman sent $32,000 to Nigeria to a man she had developed an online romantic relationship with over the course of two years, a Lincoln police spokeswoman said Thursday.

The woman reported the fraud to police Wednesday, Officer Angela Sands said.

Her husband died in 2013, and in October 2016, she began messaging someone on Facebook purporting to be a man named "Paul" who lived in Nigeria, Sands said.

Soon after they began talking he convinced her to send $10,000 in MoneyGrams, and later, he said he needed money for a double kidney transplant, Sands said.

Then someone purporting to be a friend of the man while he was in surgery said "Paul" had purchased her a van and home in Nebraska City and that he needed money to travel to Nebraska so they could get married.

These conversations migrated between different social media messaging platforms, Sands said.

The woman ended contact with the man last month, police said.

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