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Phishing scheme duped Rick Scott’s wife out of $350,000. But there’s a happy ending.

By Steve Bousquet Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau - 18-09-19
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 Florida Gov. Rick Scott and his wife Ann.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott and his wife Ann. Miami Herald file photo

TALLAHASSEE - Long before Russian operatives tried to tamper with Florida voting systems, a different online scam attacked the personal email account of First Lady Ann Scott and stole $350,000 of her money.

There were two attacks, in 2012 and 2014, and both incidents had connections to South Florida. The investigations involved Google, the Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security and an IP address in Nigeria, where so many suspicious emails originate.

Neither case was publicized at the time. The Herald/Times learned of both cases recently.

In the first case, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement confirms that scammers used a phony email address to trick Ann Scott’s accountant into stealing some of the Scott’s money. The scheme involved two wire transfers worth more than $349,000 to bank accounts in Miami and Australia.

One transfer for $260,022 was to a Wells Fargo bank branch in Miami for “materials” for Daza Globa Enterprises & Export, with a listed address of 600 North Ocean Drive, Miami.

A South Florida man, Anthony Daza, said he answered a Craigslist ad for a job at an import-export business placed by a man who said he would send Daza money with instructions to wire bank transfers and “take his cut.”

“Mr. Daza explained that he started to think that something was not completely legitimate with this system,” FDLE agents wrote.


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