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Man Swindled Out Of iPhone In 'Nigerian' Scam: Greenwich PD

The supposed 'buyer' said he needed the iPhone shipped to the African country because he was there 'on business.

By Alfred Branch, Patch Staff - 18-02-15
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Man Swindled Out Of iPhone In 'Nigerian' Scam: Greenwich PD

GREENWICH, CT — A Greenwich man reported to local authorities this week that he lost his iPhone in what turned out to be a scam involving a supposed buyer in "Nigeria," according to Greenwich police.

The victim told police that he advertised his space gray-colored iPhone 8 for sale on the online marketplace Fiverr.com, and was contacted by a "buyer" who promised to pay $1,200 for the device.

The buyer told the man that he needed the iPhone shipped to an address in Nigeria because he was there "on business."

The Greenwich seller saw that the payment was "pending" and shipped the iPhone, but the transaction was never completed.

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