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Nigerian, local held for 1 crore online fraud

Opened bank accounts using fake IDs

Staff Reporter - The Hindu - 18-01-06
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Bill Uzowuru Izuchukwu

A Nigerian man and a resident of south-east Delhi have been arrested for allegedly duping people of at least 1 crore in the past four months.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (south-east) Chinmoy Biswal said Amit Gupta (31) and Bill Uzowuru Izuchukwu were arrested on Wednesday. The accused opened bank accounts using fake documents to execute their plan.

The scam came to light when an IT company at Nehru Place complained after receiving an e-mail from a person who identified himself as the CEO of their company and asked them to transfer ₹4.8 lakh in a Badarpur-based bank account.

A check of the account details revealed that it had been opened using fake ID proofs. “With the help of technical surveillance, Amit was apprehended from his residence in Faridabad,” said Mr. Biswal.

During interrogation, he told the police that he moved to Devli a year ago as the area was dominated by Africans. The officer said he befriended Bill, who helped him set up fake e-mail accounts and identify potential targets. Mr. Biswal said Amit used several fictitious identities to obtain fake identity cards.

The duo would open bank accounts using these fake IDs and then e-mail targets, mostly junior employees of a company, by posing as a senior colleague. The accused would then withdraw the money.

The police said Bill has been living in India illegally.

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