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FBI warns fraudulent email circulating; asks recipients to report it

Deanna Weniger - Pioneer Press - 17-12-16
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The FBI Minneapolis office issued a fraud warning via twitter Saturday afternoon after it received multiple calls from people worried they were under investigation.

An email is circulating that appears to be coming from the FBI office. It warns recipients that their IP address has been involved in fraudulent activity and directs them to contact the Internet Crime Investigation Center at the FBI.

The email looks official, and even includes a case number and contact information. However, according to a source at the bureau, the information lists agents who don’t work there or don’t exist.

It reads: “Through investigation conducted by our Cyber Division of the FBI, your IP address was used to commit several online fraud and abuse crimes.”

The FBI has not sent this email. Those who receive it are not under investigation, FBI officials said.

Recipients are warned not to contact the number listed in the email, but rather to report it.

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