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Jury convicts Lewiston woman in fraud case

The Lewiston Tribune - 17-10-28
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A Lewiston woman accused of participating in a Nigerian scam was found guilty by a jury in Asotin County Superior Court Friday afternoon.

In addition to money laundering, Tammie A. Elliott, 55, also was found guilty of second-degree theft.

"In the past six years, we know of at least five incidents involving the defendant and internet scams," Asotin County Prosecutor Ben Nichols told the Tribune in September. "In this case, money orders were cashed and new ones were purchased to disguise the origin of the funds. That, in essence, is the heart and soul of money laundering."

Nichols said the money-laundering case was his first in 23 years with the county.

In Washington state, money laundering is a class B felony and carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $20,000.

Elliott is scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 6.

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