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FBI warns of government impersonation scam

Ashley White - Tallahassee Democrat - 17-02-21
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The FBI is warning North Florida residents that scammers are calling claiming to be government personnel in an effort to get money wired.

Callers are claiming to be a representative of a government agency, including the FBI Jacksonville Division. The caller tells the person who answers the phone that charges will be or have been filed against them. The caller says the person's property will be confiscated, their bank accounts will be frozen and they will be arrested if they don't make a payment. Callers use intimidation tactics and if they're questioned, they become more aggressive.

Recipients of the phone call are advised it will cost thousands of dollars to resolve the matter. To avoid being arrested, they are advised they should wire or use prepaid cards or gift cards to provide "settlement" money.

The FBI said in a release federal agencies do not call or e-mail people and threaten them or demand money. Even if the number appears to be legitimate, it is likely fraudulent, the release said.

If someone receives a call they believe is a scam, they should hang up immediately and report it to local authorities. Scams also should be reported to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) By filing a complaint, analysts can identify leads and patterns.

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