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Sisters Allegedly Try Internet Scam on Nigerian Billionaire

And yes we recognize the irony

By Michael Harthorne, Newser Staff - 16-12-27
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(Newser) -- Someone alert Alanis Morissette because a Nigerian billionaire is apparently on the receiving end of an alleged internet scam. The Toronto Star reports the ironic situation is unfolding around two sisters from Toronto -- Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo, recently arrested in Lagos, Nigeria. The sisters Matharoo were "fixtures in the nightlife scene" there, regularly getting into Instagram fights with the wives of rich Nigerian men, according to BuzzFeed. But Nigerian energy magnate Femi Otedola, reported worth: $1.8 billion, says the sisters claimed they had evidence of him cheating on his wife and threatened to expose him if he didn't pay them off. They appeared in court Dec. 23, the Daily Dot reports.

Private investigators hired by Otedola say the Matheroos recorded conversations and themselves having sex with wealthy men, then threatened to put the evidence on a website they operated. They allegedly used the website and its associated social media accounts to cyberbully around 275 people "mostly based in various regions of Africa," including Otedola, his wife, Nana, and their daughter DJ Cuppy. The sisters are also accused of being escorts, and Nigerian authorities say they've admitted to having sex with 100 rich Nigerian men. The Canadian government confirms the Matheroos' arrest. (There's a reason those infamous Nigerian internet scams sound so ridiculous.)

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