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4 Nigerians among 8 held for 'bogus boss' email scam

Shafaque Alam | TNN - 16-11-10a
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NOIDA: Eight men including four Nigerian national were held for duping Rs 42 lakh after sending a spoofing e-mail to the account manager of Hotel Crown Plaza in Greater Noida, identifying them as their 'boss.'

On September 28, 2016, the criminals wrote an email identifying as the Chairman of the hotel directing the account manager to deposit the money in 8 bank accounts, which they mentioned in the email. The manager transferred the money accordingly but later came to know that the Chairman had not sent any such email. Rakesh Kumar, director finance of the Hotel, then registered a case in Surajpur police station about the fraud.

Dinesh Yadav, SP (city) Noida, said that the case was transferred to the Centre for Cyber Crime Investigation, Noida. "We found that the email ID of the chairman was spoofed by the criminals. The criminals had made a fake email ID with slight changes. The account manager could not notice the change and transferred the money," he said.

The police traced the IP address of the emails to Devli in New Delhi. A police team on Thursday morning conducted a raid and arrested a Nigerian national named E were Revben Sylvester from the spot. Based on his interrogation details the police conducted raids at three more locations and arrested three other Nigerian nationals named Sikeru Taiwo, Frances Obi and Ogwu Anthony Okwudili. The police found five laptops, 28 mobile phones, 30 passbooks, 31 cheque books, 35 ATM cards, 20 pan cards, 21 voter identity cards, one driving licences, three aadhaar cards, eight data cards, and Rs 3 lakh cash from their possession.

The accused revealed that they used to send spoofing emails to corporate houses and get the money transferred in some bank accounts. E were Revben Sylvester told police that some local people were in their network whose accounts they used for the transaction.

The police conducted raids in Jasola, Madanpur Khadar and Prem Nagar in Delhi and arrested four Indian national identified as Nazish Ali, Naushad, Tanweer and Nazir Khan.

A case of fraudulent activity has been registered against the accused and they were sent to jail.

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