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'Dr. Love' leaves little to be desired: Toronto Police

By Chris Doucette, Toronto Sun - 16-09-16
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TORONTO -- At least one Toronto woman has no affection for "Dr. Love."

Cops say a Vaughan man who allegedly cheated a woman out of cash may also have scammed charities across the continent.

An investigation by the Toronto Police financial crimes unit has led to the arrest of Charles Olutu, also known as "Dr. Love."

Between November 2014 and February 2015 a 44-year-old woman was targeted by a fraud artist and sent money to Japan, Const. Caroline de Kloet alleged Friday.

Olutu, 52,allegedly had an accomplice overseas helping him to "receive and further launder the proceeds."

And when he was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon he was allegedly had tools in his possession to create forged documents.

Olutu is charged with money laundering and possessing the forgery instruments.

"Police are concerned there may be other victims," de Kloet said of the ongoing investigation. "Investigators believe that charities across North America have been specifically targeted in recent weeks with counterfeit cheque schemes."

Anyone, including organizations, having had dealings with Olutu or a person using the name Tatsuji Ota or Kiyoshi Junji is urged to call police at 416-808-7300 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).


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