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419 / Scam News Articles Archive 1
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Nigerian Scams (12/26/06)
E-mail fraudsters still find gullible targets to scam (12/29/06)
Police: Internet scams a threat on the local level (12/27/06)
Online scammer pleads guilty in federal court (12/22/06)
Puppy ad determined to be scam (12/22/06)
Manubhai on mind, Government officers catch on Nigerian scam (12/21/06)
Nigerian jailed for duping Singaporean by free-sex scam (12/14/06)
Too good to be true (11/26/06)
DPS warns of holiday scams (11/24/06)
Scam victim says she gets mail from Nigerian in custody (11/24/06)
Consumer activist fights to clear name (11/23/06)
Nigerian scam victim sues Singapore firm (11/21/06)
Capital Eye protect Nigerian crackdown into fraud and money (11/21/06)
UK fails to control Internet scams (11/21/06)
Study says Nigerian scams cost Britons millions (11/21/06)
Fraud: The "advance fee" or "419 scams" (11/21/06)
Passports forged on 'industrial scale' (11/20/06)
N115 million scam rocks govt agency (11/17/06)
Non-OS dependant malware - Online Recruitment (11/17/06)
Internet scam: it's so simple (11/16/06)
Cops KO counterfeit check scam (11/16/06)
Anchorage woman pleads guilty in check scam (11/15/06)
Scam victim won't be charged (11/26/06)
The E-mail That Said There's Money in Nigeria For You? It's FAKE!! (11/15/06)
Garnati warns of Internet money scam (11/13/06)
Police Nabs NFA Officials Over N7.9 Million Scam (11/13/06)
Two more pigeon drop scams (11/12/06)
Keeping Your Enemies Close (11/12/06)
They're trying to steal (11/10/06)
Alleged Marine e-mail most likely a scam (11/9/06)
New scam targets senior citizens (11/9/06)
Cash that Check - Go to Jail (11/9/06)
AC seeks probe of Obasanjo's aide (11/8/06)
Queen of Greed' appeals forgery convictions (11/8/06)
Internet scammers cheat Morley woman out of $550 (11/7/06)
Student Falls Victim To Nigerian Scam (11/6/06)
Mascot man loses $30,000 to advance fee scam (11/6/06)
Police warn of new twist on Nigerian scam (11/2/06)
Three new Internet scams to avoid (11/5/06)
Thieves find open door through the Internet (11/3/06)
Victim who fell for scam pulls his own (11/4/06)
Cops nab three in travelers check scam (11/4/06)
Scam of the week (11/3/06)
Memphis Police Warn About Fake Lottery Check Scam (11/3/06)
Scamalot (11/3/06)
Avoid these new Internet scams (11/3/06)
Money washing con cleans out bank accounts (11/2/06)
Mass spam uses BMW to dupe users (10/31/06)
Sea Grant scammed in Nigerian textbook sale (10/31/06)
Cyber crimes on the rise in State (10/30/06)
419 Nigerian Scammers Targeting B&Bs (10/30/06)
Malaysians warned (10/29/06)
Woman scammed by man on popular LDS website (10/27/06)
Avoid these new Internet scams (10/26/06)
E-Mail Hoax Claims to Be From FBI (10/24/06)
Woman loses $42,000 to Nigerian e-mail scam (10/25/06)
Companies Need to Report Cyber Attacks (10/24/06)
Woman Sentenced in Bank Check Scam (10/23/06)
Advance Fee Scam - Still Going Strong! (10/21/06)
Nigerian scam spreads fake $100s (10/20/06)
Malden PD sends out scam warning (10/20/06)
Burnt by the player from S'pore (10/20/06)
Another Nigerian Type Scam Hits Oregon (10/14/06)
Too Good To Be True (10/16/06)
How Swindlers Thrive on the Power of Spam (10/11/06)
Focus: What happens if you claim your prize? (10/07/06)
Jackpot scam: 6 Nigerians held (10/02/06)
US probes Nigeria vice-president (09/29/06)
Breakdown of law drives Nigerian students into gangs (09/18/06)
Warning over scam letters from Nigeria (09/16/06)
Nigerian candidates in graft con (09/15/06)
Internet scam targets bankers (09/11/06)
Criminals Of Irresistible Charms (09/11/06)
Army issues warning about 'Nigerian Scam' (09/7/06)
High Profile Victims (8/15/06)
Email Scam Has JFK Conspiracy Twist (8/8/06)
EFCC's crackdown on Yahoo boys (7/27/06)
Nigerian Entangled In Jefferson Investigation (7/22/06)
Nigerian 419 scams: effective as ever (7/20/06)
The infamous Nigerian scam (7/16/06)
The Perfect Mark (5/8/06)
Victim Suicide (1/30/04)
Nigeria to tackle internet fraud (11/26/03)

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